by Younger Us

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released September 18, 2015

music & lyrics by Younger Us
produced by Younger Us & Philipp Koch
recorded in a basement by Philipp Koch & Manuel Brüller
mixed by Philipp Koch
mastered by Jay Maas at Getaway Recordings
artwork by Sven Tillack & Steffen Knöll
signet & logo design by Janick Neundorf
additional vocals on "Philophobia" by Philipp Koch


tags: punk Stuttgart



Younger Us Stuttgart, Germany

we don't skate

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Track Name: Rite Of Passage
when the leaves are coming down in spring and every day tastes of cold coffee. 

when there’s only sundowns turning into cold nights and you're running out of matches. 
 when there's nothing left to love and nothing left to hate. 

then welcome to my life. 

i hate myself. 

i'm wandering in darkness, trying to catch little spots of light. fireflies are covering my path. 
 i hate myself more than everyone else. 

the only color i can see is the ink under my skin. 

reminding me of better days, of the things i never had, the things i'll never have again.
Track Name: Philophobia
oh how beautiful you looked

that night we spent on the rooftop 
 with the city below us

my jacket on your shoulders

nothing but the stars above us

oh how desperately I long for

those bright and distant daydreams

of long forgotten times in which we
 still talked and smoked the night away
 with cheap wine and golden hearts
 never able to meet our intentions

all i want are long summer nights
 but all i see is the fall

into insomnial winter wakemares
 when i lie on my floor

drunk and worn out

i understand what ian meant

because i still have the spirit

but long ago i lost the feeling

lost my feelings
Track Name: Ceremony
i am sick of every song on every record spinning in our spiritless lives. 

and i am sick of every word you're saying to me. 

and when i hold your hand it's like you're dragging me down to the bottom of the sea. 

every time you kiss me my lips are burning. the times you touch me my skin is tearing apart. 
 but still i can't live without you, still i’m not able to let you go. 

there is this overwhelming fear to let you disappear into the raving maelstrom of lost souls and broken hearts. so i guess i'll better keep this worn out record spinning. 

even if it means for me to stand still.
Track Name: Voices
there is this little, silent voice creeping up your mind. 

it’s starting to wander through your whole body 

until it’s in your lungs, your head, your heart. 

silently it's whispering

so lovely, so sweet.

it seems to know all there is to know about you. seems to be your only friend.

it creeps under your skin and lights a fire

that slowly burns inside

until your heart is nothing more than a black muscle pumping burning blood through your lifeless veins.

it pushes you forward

towards emptiness, a dark and lonely end.

it's your own personal path to hell.

but when you've passed the gates it does not follow you. 

it marches on, everyone hears

it marches on, no one is safe.
Track Name: Phasm
i still recall the first time i ever saw her face. 

she was standing all alone in the light of dark events, wearing her black dress. 
 her long blonde hair shimmered in the contrast. 

i can still feel my heart beating and the heat of the blood, 

rushing into my head that first time she ever looked at me. 

but in the blink of an eye, she was gone.

will i ever see that light again?

i am forever captured in those endless cold nights 

i am forever staggering through my nightmares

always searching, always hoping, always wishing to find her again. 

daylight kisses my pale skin for the first time ever since 

i can feel the shadow of her silhouette cold upon my chest. 

her grey hair dances the last dance for my solitary heart 

as it’s laid to rest
Track Name: Morient
i’ve been sitting here for ages

daylight shimmers through the dirty windows
 another shot, going down easily and smooth
 another lit up cigarette

smoke conceals the room

i can barely see what’s next to me

but i can still feel you there

staring at me

calling me home

i know the time will come

when i’ll follow you

and never come back again

since you left our home 

i feel nothing but this emptiness in my chest
 you were everything and now i am nothing
 one last shot going down

burning in my stomach

one last cigarette lit up

aching through my lungs

now you can see my smiling body at the bar
 the time i’ll hit the road

to be by your side